Sunday, 17 August 2014

Autumn Aprons For Handmade Monday

Has anyone else noticed an Autumnal feel in the air this week? I know some of you will be trying to block it out :) I love this this of year though and am quite excited to see the berries ripening in the hedgerows and the fields speckled with harvested straw bales, it feels like a time of plenty.

On the home front we're reaping quite a harvest of our own - squashes, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic and more, all making their way in from the allotment and sitting in cheery looking piles around the kitchen waiting to be turned into tasty meals. No surprise then that i've been inspired to make some aprons this week!

Red Apples Apron

The fabric i've used for this apron is a linen/cotton blend featuring the Red Apples design from my Autumn Naturally collection (available to buy for your own makes from my Spoonflower Shop).

 Its a classic apron shape, with a useful pocket on the front,

and cotton webbing neck loop and ties.

I've made the ties long enough to tie at the back, but not so long you can bring then around to tie at the front as you can with some aprons as i always find the extra length annoying. What do you think? Are you a front tier or a back tier when it comes to aprons?!

Gardener's Apron

For the second apron i've used my Garden Tools design (also available from Spoonflower). I had in mind that it would work as a kitchen apron but also for light gardening tasks too such as harvesting veg.

The design and size is the same as the red apple one (the body measures 77cms from top to bottom).

I had a go at modelling them to give an idea of how they look on :)

Both aprons are available now from my website and Etsy shop priced £23 each. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them in the comments!

As always, i'm also looking forward to my weekly nose around Handmade Harbour... See you over there :) x

Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Nature Notecards For Handmade Monday

I took the chance to photograph some of my new notecards in the lovely sunshine we had earlier in the week and since then i've been getting them edited and listed online. Its not my favourite job but as long as i do it a bit at a time i don't go too crazy... Anyone else find that the amount of computer work required to run an online crafty is a bit of a drag when you'd rather be merrily creating with sewing needle/paintbrush in hand?!

New Nature Notecards

The fun bit of creating my cards is taking the photographs, i love the way the camera gives me the opportunity to share the beauty of the natural world.

I have four new cards to show you today, they are all printed on top quality 350GSM paper from a renewable source and are available to buy now from my website and Etsy shop priced £1.99 each (or £1.75 if you buy more than one).

As always, i look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!

Wheat Field Poppies

Maple Seed Heads

Purple Flower Head

Wheat Field Pathway

That's all from me for another week, don't they fly by! I'm off for a crafty catch-up over at Handmade Harbour, see you there :) x

Sunday, 3 August 2014

More Pumpkin Pincushions And New Notecards For Handmade Monday

I've had a busy week fulfilling customer orders (isn't it funny how they all come at once!). I do have a few new makes to share with you today though and i'm continuing the autumnal them of last week's post...

Pumpkin Pincushions

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my pumpkin pincushion last week, i rather liked it too so i've used some more fabric swatches from my Autumn Naturally collection to make a couple more.

One features my squirrel and hazelnut fabrics...

...and the other features my autumn leaves fabrics in two different colourways.

As before i had fun photographing them with some real life squashes too :)

The one i showed you last week with the spotty fabrics is now available to buy from my website, Etsy shop and other outlets priced £4.50. The others will be joining it soon!

New Notecards

I have also listed three new notecards in my shops this week, i look forward to hearing your thoughts on them :)

First is this one featuring my garden tools design (also available to buy printed on fabric from my Spoonflower shop). I'm really pleased with how it looks, as always the print quality from Moo is superb.

Next is the latest of my nature art cards. As soon as i saw this leaf, i knew i had to try and capture its beauty in a photograph. I'm really happy that all the detail comes across in the image and also the amazing bronze colour.

Last but not least is this card featuring a cotswold stone bridge with a sparkling river running beneath. Its in the most beautiful spot, i hope the magic comes across in the photograph.

As with all my cards, these are available from my website and Etsy shop priced £1.99 (or £1.75 if you buy more than one).

And that's it from me for this week! What have you been up to? I'm off over to Handmade Harbour now to find out :)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Autumn Cards And Pumpkin Pin Cushion For Handmade Monday

Hi folks, i hope you're all having a fabulous summer, hasn't the weather been glorious in the UK, the wall to wall sunshine feels like it could go on forever... On the making side though my thoughts have already turned to Autumn... just incase it does decide to show up :) 

Pumpkin Pin Cushion

I had some sample swatches of my 'Autumn Naturally' fabrics to use up and i thought it might be fun to make some pumpkin pin cushions. So far i've made one using the three spotty fabrics...

I think its pretty cute and i'm definitely going to make more using some of the other fabrics. For now though i've had some fun photographing this one among some of the real squashes we have recently harvested from the allotment :)

I will be listing it for sale this week on my website, Etsy shop and other outlets.

*An aside for fellow crafters... I'm sure there are tutorials out there on how to make these but i'm one of those people that enjoys finding out for themselves if i have the time. As a result a rather ugly duckling version preceded this one as i tried to figure out the logistics... Its all part of the creative process though isn't it? What do you prefer, tutorial or trial and error when you're having a go at something new?

Autumn Cards

There was a little flurry of excitement at Free Spirit Designs HQ this week when a local shop agreed to take some of my notecards! I thought it was about time i had a go at getting some of my products in 'bricks and mortar' shops and this seemed like a gentle way to dip my toe in the water :)

I took in some of my Autumnal designs with the approaching change in season in mind and i've been getting them photographed in readiness for listing in my online outlets soon too. Here are a few of them... i look forward to hearing your thoughts!

As with all my cards they will be priced £1.99 (or £1.75 if you buy more than one).

That's all from me for this week. I'm looking forward to finding out what my fellow Handmade Mondayer's gave been up to... See you over at Handmade Harbour! x

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cottage Daisies Applique Lavender Pillows For Handmade Monday

More glorious sunshine this week, what a wonderful summer we're having so far this year.

Other than making birthday pressies (nothing i can show you yet...) i've also had some applique fun with some of the fabrics from my 'Tiny Flowers' collection, as always i look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

Cottage Daisies Lavender Pillows

I wanted to make these lavender pillows the kind that you might display around the house to add a cosy cottagey feel, the kind that makes it feel like home. They are a fairly generous 14.5 x 8.5cms and look just as cute propped on a shelf or window sill as they do hanging in a cupboard.

The body is a gorgeously soft organic linen and i have machine stitched the applique pieces and also machine embroidered some extra details like the smoke coming from the cottage's chimney and the stems on the daisies.

As always, they are filled with my favoured combination of pure sheep's wool and cotswold lavender and they smell heavenly :)

They are available to buy now as a set from my website, Etsy shop and other outlets priced £15.50.

My Tiny Flowers fabrics are available to buy from my Spoonflower shop.

In Other News...

How about a bit of cute to end on... we were driving along a local country lane when a little bird walked across the road in front of us followed by a flurry of what looked like autumn leaves... on closer inspection it was a mummy quail with a brood of tiny chicks! I just managed to lean out the window and get a snap of the last one to make it into the safety of the hedgerow :)

What have you been up to this week? I'm off over to Handmade Harbour to find out :)

Thank for dropping by! x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Doorstops For Handmade Monday

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my coastal doorstop on my last post. I've been a little more productive this week and have three new doorstops to show you, all featuring Free Spirit Designs fabrics. I'll be listing them on my website, Etsy shop and other outlets over the next couple of days, priced £12. As always i look forward to hearing your thoughts! :)

Garden Herbs Doorstop

The first features my Herbs In Pots design printed on a lovely linen/cotton blend with hessian as the contrasting fabric.

As with the coastal doorstop, the design features a velcro opening at the top making it easy to fill with dried grain/beans or similar.

I'm really happy with the rustic style of this one, it would look cute in the conservatory/garden room of my dreams! :)

Hug A Pug Doorstop

Next i used one of the pug fabrics from my Dashing Dogs collection and tried a slightly different design with no contrasting fabric on the base but with the addition buttons covered with the pug fabric for interest on the handles.

I love covering my own buttons and am now full of ideas for other projects i could feature them in...

I'll keep you updated with how i get on!

Black Cat Doorstop

I used the same single fabric with button idea with one of my black cat fabrics.

I also decided it would be fun to make some little matching lavender pillows featuring smaller fabric covered buttons.

As with the doorstops they will be appearing on my website, Etsy shop and other outlets soon (priced £10 for a pair).

And that's it on the crafting side. Other than that i've been busy picking and preparing summer fruit - 10lbs of jam from a deceptively small looking gooseberry bush in the garden yesterday and black currents on the agenda for today. Strawberry wine is also now bubbling away in a demijohn in the bath tub... this is my first time making wine of any kind and i was intrigued, if not a little nervous, to learn that this is where it should be left to brew - incase of explosions!

I'm off to the fabulous Handmade Monday now to find out what you've all been up to. I've had some trouble with my computer this week so didn't manage to visit as many blogs as i usually do last time but all is working now so i'm looking forward to a good catch up :)

Thanks for stopping by! x

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Coastal Doorstop For Handmade Monday

Its felt like a busy week although when i look back i'm not quite sure what i've done... ever have weeks like that?

Happily though i did find a gap in my hectic schedule of busy non-achievement to add to my range of coastal decor items... As always, i look forward to reading your comments :)

Coastal Doorstop

As with the lavender fish i showed you last week, this doorstop features two of the fabrics from my On The Open Ocean collection (which are now available from my Spoonflower shop).

I could have used just one but i quite like the mix and match patchwork effect... what do you think?

Its 20cms in height (excluding the handle) and features a velcro sealed opening at the top for easy filling with dried grain or beans - about 1.3kg should do it.

I've toyed with other designs but i like the simplicity and user friendliness of this one. No mess or complicated filling instructions and when it needs a wash the filling can easiliy be decanted into another container.

I should have it listed on my website, Etsy shop and other outlets by tomorrow, priced £12. I'm going to get some more made up with other fabrics too so it will be interesting to hear if you think the design needs tweeking first...?

In Other News... A Curious Kitty

Before i sign off for this week i just have to show you this adorable kitten - spotted in a farmyard whilst out walking this week.

Mum and the two other kittens stayed back but this little one was bold as brass!

The dog's eyes were popping out on stalks! :)

Of course since then i've been subtly (ok, perhaps not so subtly) suggesting to the other half that its time for us to get little kitten :) no luck so far though...

What kind of a week have you had? I look forward to popping over to Handmade Harbour to find out... Thanks for stopping by! x