Sunday, 26 October 2014

Personalised Christmas For Handmade Monday

Did everyone remember to put their clocks back last night? Lovely as it was to have an extra hour in bed this morning its going to be a shock to the system when it gets dark so much earlier :/ it really makes it feel like 'proper winter' doesn't it, although we still have a few summer flowers blooming in the garden!

More Christmassy makes to show you this week, this time a focus on fun ways to create a personalised Christmas.

Ceramic Chalkboard Decorations

I'm a fan of chalkboards, i think they're really fun and i've been known to have a go at applying chalk board paint to just about everything over the years :)

It occurred to me this year that creating little ceramic chalk board decorations might be fun for Christmas,

and i'm really pleased with the results! All three have a red and white theme. The heart and star have a stripy boarder painted in porcelain enamel paint and are plain white on the reverse side.

They could be used as gift tags, tree decorations, table place settings - anywhere you want to add that personal touch. They'd also make fun stocking fillers i think.

The bauble has a gingham ribbon to match the others but no painted boarder providing a bit more surface area to decorate.

Sticks of regular chalk or chalk marker pens can be used on these decorations and they can easily be cleaned with a wipe from a damp cloth.

They are available now from the Free Spirit Designs website and Etsy shop priced £7.99 each. I look forward to hearing what you think!

Personalised Rustic Gift Tags

I've also included some personalised rustic name tags in my shops this year.

They feature gorgeous polka dot linen and can be personalised with a name of your choice, hand painted on a central hessian panel.

They're perfect for adding that personal touch to gifts and stockings and at £1.20 each they are affordable for most budgets.

They are also available now from the Free Spirit Designs website and Etsy shop.

Nordic Style Christmas Tree Ornaments

Last but not least i want to show you this pair of quirky, nordic style, free standing tree decorations. I know they don't really fit with today's theme of personalisation but they are one of a kind!

I made them with a patchwork of scraps from some of my red and white Winter Wonderland prints. As regular readers will know, i'm a big fan of this kind of random style patchwork, i think their is something very homely about it :)

The taller one is 25cms tall, and the shorter is £18cms. Each is finished with a star on top,

and a Free Spirit Designs label on the base.

They are stuffed with wool which i've packet less tightly towards the bottom to avoid a rounded base. They stand up quite happily and can be re-shaped with a bit of a squeeze if needs be.

I'm selling them as a set of two, priced £18, available now from the Free Spirit Designs website and Etsy shop.

That's all from me for another week! What have you been up to? I'm off to Handmade Harbour to find out :) thanks for dropping by! x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Christmas Decor And Paperclip Stocking Fillers For Handmade Monday

Hi all :) Another busy week of festive themed makes for me, i'm trying to get as many new designs listed before customer orders take over completely! I don't want to overload you so i've just a few to show you today but if your eager to find out what else is new, pop along to the Free Spirit Designs website or Etsy shop for a peek (i haven't had the chance to update my other outlets yet, oh for another few hours in the day!)

Christmas Banners

I've noticed an increase in the popularity of banners and bunting recently (which i'm all for as i think they are a lovely way to update a room and add that cosy touch :)).

I've used some of my Winter Wonderland fabrics along with some hessian to make some Christmassy banners perfect for hanging on a mantlepiece or bookshelf.

One says Winter Wonderland.

Its priced £14.99 and available now from my website and Etsy shop.

The other says Make A Wish.

Its priced £12.99 and is also available from my website and Etsy.

Its tricky to get a good photo of string decorations without having a lot more space than i do to photograph them but i hope these give you an idea of how they look!

Christmas Paperclips

The other things i want to share with you today are my Christmassy sets of over sized paperclips. I think they're really cute and a great idea for stocking stuffers!

Here are the snowmen.

Incase you missed my previous post on paperclips, i've made them by covering flat backed buttons with fabric printed with some of the images from my design collections. The button is then glued to the paperclip.

Here are some robins.

They come in a sealed cellophane packet (well, the biodegradeable version of cellophane, whatever that's called!) and are priced £4.50 for the set of three.

Finally, there is also a set of four Christmas tree paperclips.

A set includes two of the darker green trees and two of the lighter green ones. It is priced £5.75 and as with all my Christmassy things, is currently available from the Free Spirit Designs website and Etsy shop.

Has your week's crafting been as Christmassy as mine or are you having fun with some Halloween makes i wonder... See you over at Handmade Harbour for a catch up! x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Winter Wonderland Cards For Handmade Monday

Anyone else got some Christmas orders trickling in? I do admire those super organised folk who manage to plan so far in advance, in fact i aspire to be one of them! As my business often involves me making personalised items for customers up to the very last minute my ideal would be to have all my own gifts bought/made and ideally wrapped by the start of December... despite some attempts at early planning that target is looking very ambitious for this year so wish me luck!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Cards

Today i'd like to show you the Christmas cards i've created from my Winter Wonderland designs. As always, i look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!

Snow Scene Animal Christmas Cards

Three cards feature the animal snow scenes - robins, deer and foxes.

They're perhaps more subtle than a lot of mainstream Christmas cards and i'm hoping they'll offer an attractive alternative to those suffering from glitter overload!

The quality, as always with, is fantastic (i haven't been paid to say this!). They are lovely and tactile with a gorgeous mat finish.

Snow Scene Spirit Of Christmas Cards 

The second set feature my snowman, cottage and post box designs.

I hope you can just about make out the snowflakes falling from the sky - they are there in all the cards but they are only visible in close-up shots.

My aim with these designs was that they would be quirky enough to be interesting but classic enough to be versatile... what do you think? I'd happily send them to any of the people on my Christmas card list (in fact i probably will :)) so i guess that's a good start!

They are available now from my website and Print and Paper shop on Etsy, priced £5.25 for a set of three.

But that's not all... i have one more set of cards up my sleeve!

Snowflake Christmas Cards

I decided to use my snowflake designs to make some cards with written sentiments. The ones i've chosen are not specifically religious but i hope still capture the magic of Christmas :)

I hope you can read the white on blue says Winter Wonderland - its not hard to make out in real life but for some reason its tricky to photograph.

Perhaps the brown paper background helps them stand out a bit better.

This set of four is priced £6.99 and is also available from my website and Print and Paper shop on Etsy.

Thank you for sticking with me through this rather long post! I look forward to finding out what's been keeping you busy this week over at Handmade Harbour, see you there :) x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Winter Wonderland Christmas Designs Part Two

Hi all :) Another busy week getting prepped for Christmas, is it me or does time actually accelerate on the downhill slope towards the end of the year!

Picking up where i left off last week i've got a few more of my Winter Wonderland designs to show you as well as a peak at some of the things i've been making with them...

Winter Wonderland Snowflakes

I wanted to make a simple design that could be used alongside the Winter Wonderland snow scenes is showed you last week. Snowflakes seemed the obvious choice so i had fun drawing a collection of different ones by hand before putting them together to create the final design.

Its available in two different print sizes (pop along to my Spoonflower shop for more details).

There are also four different colourways to choose from - the two white and pale blue options above (the pale blue is the same one used in the snow scene designs) and two red and white options.

I'm pleased with how they've turned out. As always, i look forward to hearing what you think of them!

Winter Wonderland Printable Craft Papers

I have also made my Winter Wonderland designs available to buy as printable craft papers, available from my Print and Paper shop on Etsy.

At £3.50 i hope the price is pretty reasonable, especially as Christmas is such a popular time for hand-making cards and things. Once you have downloaded them you can print them off as many times as you like for personal use or for making items to sell on a small scale.

Winter Wonderland Gift Tags

Now, here's a peak at what i've been making with the fabrics, first up, rustic gift tags. They come in sets of three - here are the animal ones.

They have a central layer of hessian which creates a pretty frayed trim and also adds a nice sense of substance. On the reverse side of the tags is a panel of brown paper ready for writing your message.

I think that adding a nice tag makes a gift much more special and these are a great way to add rustic style and interest to brown paper gift wrap.

Here is the other set.

I hope you can make out the lovely texture of the linen/cotton blend fabric from the pictures, they are wonderfully tactile.

Both sets of tags are available now from my website and Etsy shop priced £4.50.

I think that's enough for one blog post so i'll save the rest for another day... meanwhile, i'm off over to Handmade Harbour to find out what you've been up to, see you there :) x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Winter Wonderland Fabric For Handmade Monday Part One

If you're not ready to think about Christmas yet then look away now (although i'd much rather you carried on looking as i would love to hear your thoughts on my new 'Winter Wonderland' designs!)

I know most of my fellow crafters will be starting to think about Christmas makes, so it feels like the right time to share but i do apologise to those who are happily enjoying autumn and want nothing less than to think about winter, i feel your pain!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Fabric Collection

As some of you may remember, last year i launched this range of six hand painted ceramic baubles.

They proved to be popular, so this year i decided to make them the inspiration for a new set of digital designs - for use as fabrics, craft papers etc.

Winter Wonderland Animal Designs

There are three animal inspired designs. As always i started with hand drawing the component parts, like this little robin, before loading them up onto the computer to add some colour.

I then assembled the parts to complete the finished design - here's what the robins look like on a 21x18 inch piece of fabric.

I hope you can make out the design okay - if you'd like a closer look you can pop along to my Spoonflower shop where you can view different size options.

Animal design number two features deer like this little fellow.

I know its hard to see here but in the finished designs there is snow falling from the sky (as in the images at the top of this post) as well as on the ground.

Here's a 21 x 18 inch swatch of the deer.

The third animal design features foxes amongst snow covered fir trees.

Here's a look at the complete design.

I'm pleased with the natural feel of them and i'm hoping they'll work well for some rustic festive makes. They look lovely printed onto fabric - look out for some pics next week!

Winter Wonderland Spirit Of Christmas Designs

The other three designs are inspired by the spirit of Christmas back in the human world :) First is a post inspired design featuring post boxes like this one, along with assorted mail.

Here's the full design on an 21x18 inch fabric swatch.

The second of the spirit of Christmas designs features a collection of little houses like this one.

Here they all are together in the finished design.

Last but not least are the snowman, each with its own quirky character.

Here they all are together, enjoying the snow!

There are actually more designs in this collection and there's the craft papers to let you know about too but i think i've said more than enough for today so i'll save the rest for next week's post. If you're eager though you can visit my Spoonflower shop where all the fabrics are ready to purchase, or my Print and Paper shop on Etsy where the craft papers are available for instant download in A4 size.

I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think of these new designs and which are your favourites. I wonder if anyone else over at Handmade Harbour is getting Chriastmassy yet... i'm off to find out, thank for stopping by! x