Friday, 20 February 2015

Cupcake Cards

Has everyone had a good week? I've loved watching the special comic relief Great British Bake Off episodes, they have a great message for wannabe crafters of any description i think - its not about being perfect its about having a go and most of all having fun!

I love baking, its a lovely way to unwind and get creative and the results are almost always delicious even if they're a little 'abstract' in appearance :) I put together a little collection of designs inspired by cupcakes recently, the card versions made it into my shops this week although there may be other things like tea towels in the works... i'll keep you updated!

Cupcake Cards

There are a couple for cupcake lovers in particular... 'you had me at cupcake',

and this one, a 'cupcake lover's weekly planner'. We all deserve a little treat on a sunday right? :)

The other two at 'star baker' cards, inspired by the award of 'star baker' that goes to one of the Great British Bake Off contestants each week. I don't think you need to know anything about the programme to appreciate the message though!

The first comes complete with bunting,

The other is simpler. I thought i'd get both printed and see which was more popular.

All of them are available from my website and Print and Paper shop on Etsy priced £2.20.

Bee Inspired Card

I did get one more card listed this week and it seemed the perfect note to end on. It features a photograph i took of a bee feeding on some beautiful flowering teasel.

I hope the things you love have inspired you to get creatine this week. I'm off to visit the fabulous blogs over at Planet Penny's Happy Friday and Lucy Blossom's Handmade Monday to find out! x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Cards, Bridesmaid Keepsakes and Bedroom Bunting

I would describe myself as an optimist, yet sometimes i seem to forget that amongst the craziness of life. Its so easy to do isn't it, one minute all is right with the world, the next minute you've broken the washing machine by accidentally washing a full large box of matches in it (yes, i did that this week) and suddenly everything seems rather overwhelming and destined for disaster... lucky then that i was listing this card featuring one of the most reassuring lyrics of all time from Bob Marley's Three Little birds - the timely reminder of my familiar philosophical buoyancy soon put smile back on my face! :)

When i was designing the card i couldn't decide whether to keep the background plain (as above), or to add a sunrise background (the rising sun is mentioned in the song), so i went with both. Here's the sunrise one.

You can just select your preference from the drop down menu in my Print and Paper shop on Etsy.

I also added another card this week featuring one of my favourite quotes, this time about friendship.

The photograph is of a beautiful pink cosmos flower i snapped last summer and i'm really pleased with the way it compliments the wording.

Both cards are priced £2.20 and are available on my website or on Etsy. The vigilant among you will notice that i have finally made the decision to put up the price of my cards... I was so reluctant to but the printing costs have gone up so i have little choice but to pass on the extra expense and i actually feel a lot better now i've done it.

p.s. I haven't finished adjusting all my listings yet so if you want to grab yourself a bargain, now is the time! :)

Personalised Bridesmaid And Flower Girl Keepsakes

I also listed these custom bridesmaid/flower girl keepsakes this week.

They are priced £9 each including a gift box.

I'm more than happy to adapt the colour to suit a wedding theme, or to create something similar for maid of honour/best man/page boy - just contact me via my website or Etsy shop to discuss your requirements!

Nesting Birds Bedroom Bunting

Last but not least, i've listed this pretty bunting, featuring my nesting birds design on printed on organic sateen fabric. 

It starts at £9 for a six flag length and is available from my website and Etsy shop.

And that's all from me, i've been busier than i thought! I'm looking forward to finding out what the lovely folk over at Planet Penny's Happy Friday and Lucy Blossom's Handmade Monday have been up to now :) See you there! x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Notebook Covers

Hi all, i hope you've had a lovely week! I've been having fun planning some future products (more to tell you on that soon i hope) but i did also manage to get some new notebook covers listed for sale too.

Notebook Covers

They come complete with a notepad made from recycled paper, which can just be slipped out of the cover and replaced when its full up.

They all feature Free Spirit Designs fabrics and are available from my website and Etsy shop now priced £8.99.

For an extra £3.00 they can also be personalised with a hand embroidered title.

Here they are getting ready to go to a local craft fair i've been asked to take part in...

... i usually stick to online selling so i'm not organised with displays and the like - i'm just popping everything in white wicker baskets and hoping for the best!

I am looking forward to a change of scene and chance to chat with customers and fellow stall holders though, i'll let you know how i get on!

In Other News...

Another thing that has put a smile on my face this week is the arrival of my new mini business cards from I went for a range of my designs this time, to pair with coordinating products when i post them off to customers. I think they look rather cheery all together and as always with moo, the print quality is excellent .

Its been a week of cold but sunny days in these parts which has made for some lovely dog walks, i'll leave you with my whippet, River, soaking up those welcome rays :)

I'm linking this post with two fabulous linky parties - Handmade Monday over at Lucy Blossom and Happy Friday at Planet Penny. As always i look forward to catching up with lots of lovely fellow bloggers :) x

Friday, 30 January 2015

Spring Cards And Notecbooks

Okay so a lot of the UK has had snow and blizzards this week but signs that spring is just around the corner are everywhere, I promise!

Snowdrops and even primroses are starting to appear along with determined green spears destined to be daffodils. On the trees, buds are beginning to form, bursting with the potential for new life. The evenings are getting lighter too - yay! No more dusky dog walking!

All of this has inspired me to get some spring themed cards photographed and listed for sale this week, i hope they help get you in the mood for the loveliness that's on its way! :)

Spring Notecards

If you saw my recent post about my 'word cards' you'll know that i'm trying out some new ways to use my nature photographs in my card designs.

What do you think of this one featuring different types of blossom captured in the silhouette of a little bird?

I'm quite pleased with it and i'm thinking of turning into a fabric design.

I've also got a couple of new word designs listed, like this 'Grow' card featuring a close up of some lush green pea plants.

For 'Spring' i chose primroses, their soft yellow is such a delight of the season :)

They are all available from my website and Print and Paper shop on Etsy priced £1.99 (or £1.75 if you buy more than one).

I'm linking up this post with Happy Friday over on Planet Penny, and Handmade Monday over at Lucy Blossom. Looking forward to catching up everyone's week :) x

Friday, 23 January 2015

Rustic Weddings

One of the things about having a handmade business that really brings a smile to my face is the chance to make a contribution to special moments in other people's lives. I've recently been working on a range of rustic wedding gifts and decorations and i'm super excited at the prospect of being a small part of some wonderful wedding days sometime soon! :)

Rustic Wedding Banners And Bunting

All items in this range are made with a combination of hessian and a lovely fine organic white cotton.

I have listed three bunting designs so far, although my head is already bubbling with ideas for more! There's the classic Mr&Mrs,

Love hearts,

and the 'JUST MARRIED' set pictured at the top of the page. All the applique figures have a pretty frayed edge - here's a pic from the heart bunting to give you a closer look.

The two six flag strings are priced £10.99 (other lengths in those designs are also available) and the 'JUST MARRIED' is £20.99. They are listed for sale now on my website and Etsy shop.

Rustic Wedding Favours

I've also been working on some wedding favour bags - they come in two sizes, 8x10.5cms and 10x13.5cms.

A set of five of the smaller ones is £8.99 and a set of five of the larger ones is £10.99,

and for an extra 95p they can come with personalised labels like this.

Last but not least is the personalised, hand embroidered lavender heart.

I think it would work well either as a wedding favour or as a gift for the bride and groom.

It comes in one of the larger size hessian bags,

and is priced £7.50. They are available, along with all the other items i've shown you today, from my website and Etsy shop.

This is my first time linking up with Planet Penny's Happy Friday, so hello to any new visitors to my blog :) i look forward to visiting yours very soon!

I'm also linking up with the first Handmade Monday to be hosted over at Lucy Blossom crafts blog so i'm looking forward to catching up with some old blogging buddies too :)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Cards, Valentine's Day And Spring For Handmade Monday

One of the things i love about January is that fresh start feeling, out with the old and in with the new. I've already made a start listing some brand new cards, i look forward to hearing what you think of them!

Nature Photo Typography Cards

I've been feeling for a while like i need to do something a little different with my nature photograph cards, there are just so many lovely cards with wildlife images already out there and i've realised i need to be a little more original to stand out from the crowd... So, i hit upon the idea of using them as the background for words, like this 'love' card, featuring a photo i took of a beautiful red rose.

I've also had a go with 'smile' featuring a lovely pink cosmos flower,

and 'wild', featuring glimpses of a stunning peacock butterfly that kindly stayed still long enough for me to photograph it!

As with all my cards they are priced £1.99 (or £1.75 if you buy more than one) and are available now from my website, and my Print and Paper shop on Etsy.

Bugs In Love Cards

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while may remember my 'Bugs In Love' designs from way back. I've always thought they would make cute cards and i've finally got around to creating them.

There's 'Bees In Love',

'Caterpillars In Love',

and 'Snails In Love'.

I think they'e kinda cute and i like their simplicity too, it suits my 'fresh start' January mood :)

As with the others they are available now from my website and Etsy.

Has anyone else been working on something new this week? I look forward to finding out over at Handmade Harbour, see you there! x

P.s. Having just found out that today's will be the very last Handmade Monday, i just wanted to say a huge thank you to all that have visited me via HM over the years (yes, its been that long!), your comments are always so kind and helpful and greatly appreciated. I hope we will continue to catch up with each other's crafty adventures in blog land! :) xxxxxx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Hi folks :) I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I'm sorry its been a little while since i've had a chance to post or catch up with the news from my favourite crafty blogs, November and December were the busiest months ever for Free Spirit Designs and something had to give!

It was a real pleasure to make all those Christmas pressies though... i work on them i find myself excited at the thought of someone opening it up on Christmas day, almost as though i'm giving them myself! :)

Its always soooo lovely when i hear back from a customer that they are pleased with their purchase. I've has some especially touching reviews on Etsy this year which have given me a great feeling of pride and job satisfaction. I'm very grateful to those that take the time to write them xxx

Christmas Wreath

I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of crafting on the home front on Christmas Eve when i collected some holly and ivy from the woods nearby to make a wreath for our front door - i used a dried ivy vine tied in a circle as the base and just poked the foliage in, and finished off with a couple of Christmas tree decorations. It didn't take long and the materials were free so i thought i'd share it here incase it inspired someone else to have a go at making their own next year!

Now we're into the new year my head is bubbling with ideas and plans, i look forward to unveiling some of them soon :) First though i'm dying to find out what the fabulous Handmade Monday crafters have been up too... i've missed you all! xxx